The Bruno family has been providing fresh produce to the greater Columbus and surrounding areas for over 90 years. Our Commitment to the finest quality and providing superior customer service is the driving force behind the Bruno family tradition. Our customers have benefited from a strong code of ethics and many years of experience in the produce industry.


Frank Bruno ProduceWe started from humble beginnings… Bruno Produce Company, a fourth generation family owned company was founded by Salvatore Bruno in 1921 in the industrial corner of Marion Ohio. Originally, produce was sold out of a horse drawn cart and customers traveled from al over the region for the areas finest (and freshest!) locally grown produce. As time passed, and the demand for Bruno Produce grew, so did the business.


In the early 1940's Salvatore Bruno was joined in the business by his eldest son, Frank Bruno and Bruno Produce expanded into a facility located at 154 North State Street in Marion Ohio. The warehouse was especially important as the produce terminal was located next to a railroad line which transported fresh produce in from areas throughout the region.


In the 1950's, Frank's son Salvatore joined the business and added a variety of products including canned goods and grocery items which were sold to independent grocers in the area. Despite the company's many product offerings… fresh produce, fruits and vegetables have always been the cornerstone of the business!


In 1986, under the current ownership of Phil Bruno, the business was moved from Marion to Columbus Ohio to be more centrally located to the majority of our customers. We are currently located in the Columbus Produce Terminal located off of 5th Avenue near the Columbus airport. From this location we serve our customers throughout the state of Ohio (and occasionally beyond!).


Now in its fourth generation, Bruno Produce is a true family business with family pride. The company was originally founded, and continues today to offer the finest produce, fruits and vegetables with customer service beyond compare. If you're interested in any other products or brand, or don't see something you want, give us a call. We may carry the items that you desire or would be happy to acquire them.